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It's pure Australian spring water in a can. Plastic not included.

Walk past all the plastic trash in the water aisle at Woolworths.

Yes. Infinitely.

It’s sustainable A.F. How? Aluminium is infinitely recyclable. Zero plastic. It’s canned down the road from the source. Carbon neutral. Net zero emissions. 

Just because there’s no alcohol in Thirst Trap doesn’t mean it’s not down to give you a wild night.

1 year. 12 months. 365 days.

Pure. Crisp. Clean. Straight from nature.

Mineral composition mg/500mL

Chloride 6 | Sodium 4 | Magnesium 1 | Potassium 0.3 | Calcium 0.1 | Sulphate <1 | Fluoride 0    

always Fluoride-free & Plastic-free

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